url=”” text=”Get An Instant q uote” ] Being an employer, you won’t have much time to look after your employee payroll and monthly submission with HMRC. Don’t worry about your payroll. We are here to save your time and take care of your company’s payroll services. We are offering our affordable services which will suit your needs. We are ready to assist you in getting your payroll services done on a monthly or weekly basis. Just contact our team with the unique need we will do the rest for you.

Our payroll services include:

  • Payroll (PAYE) Registration
  • Payroll (PAYE) Submissions
  • Calculation of monthly Salary
  • Payslips
  • RTI Submissions
  • Handling HMRC Queries
  • Back Dated Salary Submissions
  • Form P60
  • Form P45

There are different payroll packages with prices that vary according to the level of service. If you are a company director and only need payroll for yourself, we can offer you our basic payroll package that typically handles your monthly payroll calculation and its submission with HMRC, including generating the payslip.

Payroll outsourcing: what are the benefits

Four reasons how it will help your business grow if you outsource your payroll:

  • It will save you money: Outsourcing payroll is a more cost-effective option for small businesses than hiring in-house staff.
  • It will save your time: Pension, tax, Bacs, Payslips, NI, RTI, reporting, holidays and benefits, etc. all these seem bits, but it can be confusing for non-Payroll professional, so we are here to take care of everything and save your time at a very affordable rate.
  • It will save your neck: If you submit the payroll documents with inaccurate information or late can incur a huge penalty fine. It’s not worth to give HMRC a reason to come after you.
  • It reduces error: An underpaid worker is an unhappy worker. Our professional will get things right for you at minimum tax and NI. We will claim employer NI to reduce your PAYE tax bill.

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