What is a payroll number and where can you find it?

Ever wondered what that series of numbers and letters next to your name on your payslip mean? That, my friend, is your payroll number. While it could seem like just another code or some random numbers and letters, it plays a significant role in the world of UK payroll. The payroll number ensures your pay reaches you accurately and with ease. In this blog post, we will discover what a payroll number is, how and where you can find it. All aboard the knowledge express! Next stop: What is a payroll number?

What is a payroll number?

Did you know that over 30 million people in the UK receive a payslip every month? But how many of them truly understand what their payroll number signifies? Today, we’re going to put you out of that list. A payroll number is a unique identifier conferred to each employee by their company/employer. In most instances, it is an alphanumeric code that acts as a shortcut, allowing a company or the employer to adeptly manage employee data and strip the payroll process down.

Think of your payroll number like a reference code that links all of your employment information, including your name, address, tax information, National Insurance number, salary, and deductions like income tax and National Insurance contributions. This data makes it easier for your employer to accurately calculate your pay and play by the taxman’s rules.

Why is a payroll number important?

Payroll can sometimes feel like a walk through the London Underground at rush hour, but your payroll number acts as your Oyster card. Here is why:

Payroll number reduces errors

Oftentimes, payroll processing can be complex because of the in-depth calculations and minute details. The payroll number can drastically minimise the risks of errors by ensuring all information is associated with the relevant employee.

Enhance security

A payroll number can boost security by acting as an additional layer of security for your personal information. Using a payroll number instead of your full name or other sensitive data in certain situations can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches.

Boosts efficiency

Your payroll number can lend a hand in efficient record-keeping and data management; allowing your employer to readily track employee data, saving time and resources.

How to find payroll number?

I often hear people ask “where can I find my payroll number?” Perhaps this question is lingering in your mind too. Here are a few ways to find your payroll number:


Your payroll number is typically displayed on your payslip alongside your name. It is often a 3-8 characters long code and consists of letters and numbers, appearing on the upper left-hand or right-hand corner of the payslip. If it is not there, you can check other options too.

HR department

If you can’t access your payslip, contact your HR department directly. They can access your employee record and provide your payroll number.

Online portal

There are many companies that have an online portal for their employees where you can access your payslips and other important information, including a payroll number.

Things to remember about payroll numbers

While your payroll number is important, here are some key things to remember about it:

Not a legal requirement

Unlike your National Insurance number, having a payroll number is not mandated by law in the UK. However, most companies utilise them for the aforementioned benefits.

Unique within the company

Your payroll number is unique within your specific company. It might differ from any payroll number you hold at another employer.

Don’t share publicly

While essential for internal company use, avoid sharing your payroll number publicly or with unauthorised individuals.

Your payroll number might not be the flashiest bit of your payslip, but don’t underestimate its importance! Think of it like your own personal code in the world of wages. It helps ensure your hard-earned cash finds its way to your pocket safely and efficiently, without any mix-ups. So, next time you’re having a look at your payslip, give a little nod to your silent financial friend – the payroll number.

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